Star Wars VIII and Rebels Update

Star Wars Update

It’s been an interesting week for Star Wars with Princess Leia making her debut in Star Wars: Rebels, a surprising rumour about the eighth film, and a new release date for that same movie.

First up, Princess Leia.

I’ve read a number of reviews on the episode “A Princess on Lothal” which marks Leia’s first appearance in Star Wars: Rebels, and they have all been glowing – without exception.

The voice work for the young Princess Leia gets the thumbs up, as does the action vs character balance that the writers and producers have struck.  Some reviewers have gone as far as to call it one of the best episodes ever, loving how it links in Rebels to A New Hope.

If you live in the United States and haven’t seen the episode yet, you can stream it live right here.  Unfortunately, it’s region blocked for the rest of us and we’ll have to wait a little while to enjoy it.

In other Leia news, Hasbro have most definitely heard the fan outcry over the lack of female action figures in their Rebels and The Force Awakens toy lines, and have already announced a release of a 3.75 inch young Leia action figure with the five points of articulation common to other Star Wars: Rebels action figures.

You can take a look at the figure over at The Star Wars Underworld – which is another fantastic site for all things Star Wars.  The direct link to the relevant page is right here.

In another news report, the release date for Star Wars Episode VIII has been pushed back because of rewrites.

We’re being told there is nothing to worry about, and that the rewrites have happened for one reason and one reason only – fan love for Poe, Finn and Rey.

Apparently, the new film was going to introduce a handful of new characters, minimising the roles Poe, Finn and Rey would play, but fan reaction to The Force Awakens and in particular those three characters, has told the studio that that would be a very stupid idea.

There is another rumour that says the dates were changed for financial reasons.  In the United States, blockbuster season is traditionally the middle of the year, but The Force Awakens earned so much money over Christmas Disney is thinking it’s on to a good thing.  In case you didn’t notice, no major blockbuster was released in opposition to Episode VII.  While every movie released over Christmas did well, there wasn’t a massive popcorn flick to compete with our heroes fighting for freedom in that galaxy far, far away.

The new release date for Episode VIII is the 15th of December 2017.  That’s an almost seven month delay for those of you who are counting.

To read more on the decision to delay the film, you can visit Variety online here.

The last tidbit of information we have to share with you contains a possible spoiler for Episode VIII and a definite spoiler for Episode VII… it’s only a rumour, but proceed with caution.

Spoiler Alert

There are reports running around the internet that a certain character will return from the dead in Episode VIII.


Han Solo.

Han Solo The Force Awakens

Blastr have a feature on this rumour, but it is one that should be taken with a whole jug load of salt – not because Blastr have most likely gotten it wrong, they’re saying the same thing (take it with a grain or 50 of salt), but because the rumour has come about from a casting call which lists Harrison Ford as one of the stars of Episode VIII.

There’s a good chance someone simply copied the original Episode VII casting call listing, and didn’t think twice about using it for the Episode VIII call out to agents.

The rumour might be true, but it’s just as likely it’s an accident until we hear otherwise from Disney or Harrison himself.

To check out the rumour, head on over to the article at Blastr here.

That’s it for now.  If you’re in the mood for more Star Wars info, there are a few other things going on that you can read about, or if you’d like to listen to the views and opinions of other fans, there are some great podcasts that you can follow.  Just head over to my two favourite Star Wars news sites for more: Making Star Wars here and The Star Wars Underground here.

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