The Force Awakens Roundup

Star Wars Hits One Billion

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is a juggernaut!

It’s now officially beaten Avatar as the highest grossing film in the United States, and now punters are looking at Avatar‘s international record and wondering if the new Star Wars film will topple that?

It’s a pretty tall order, and the film has to make another 1.2 billion dollars internationally (give or take) to do that… but it toppled Avatar domestically in record time, so who knows!

In other Force Awakens news, Hasbro have officially commented on why Rey is not featured in the Star Wars monopoly set, and they’re saying it’s because they didn’t want to spoil the movie…?!

Rey Rescuing BB-8

As a person, I’m not fond of focusing on the negative, but that sounds pretty weird to me.

For now, let’s give Hasbro the benefit of the doubt.

They’re also saying that Rey will feature in a lot of new merchandise this year.

Next, my favourite Star Wars site for all things ‘newsy’ about our beloved saga is

Making Star Wars Logo have a few Star Wars news items of note, including updates on the first anthology film (A Star Wars Story: Rogue One), images of the new IMAX posters for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, and a bunch of new hi-res photos from the film that have been released by StitchKingdom.

They’re beautiful, as you can see from the small collection below.

Go check out StitchKingdom‘s site!  You can take a wander through the amazing shots they’ve put together right here.  The article is here.

Lastly, io9 have a great feature on the backstory to the Force Awakens – everything from who the heck Lor San Tekka is, to the size of the Resistance and the First Order, and how the Force actually awakened.

To read the article, click here.

Any bets on whether or not The Force Awakens has a chance of beating Avatar in the international takings stakes?

So you know, Avatar took 2.78 billion dollars internationally.  The Force Awakens is currently at 1.56 billion dollars internationally.

For more information so you can make a better judgement, read the Hollywood Reporter article here.

For the record, I think Star Wars can do it.

Holonet Graphic


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