New International Trailer

Tie Fighters

A new international trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has dropped on YouTube, showing some beautiful new footage, and giving us an interesting line of dialogue between Rey and BB-8.

As Rey and BB-8 walk through the desert, Rey asks BB-8 where he’s (she’s) from.  BB-8 toots and whistles at Rey, and she interprets the response for the audience, saying “Classified?  Me too.”

Rey and BB-8

Could Rey have been placed in hiding by someone?  Could Leia or Luke be using Ben and Yoda’s old trick – the ruse that was used to keep them safe from their father?  Is this more evidence that Rey is either Leia or Luke’s daughter?

It’s an interesting snippet.  Go watch the trailer and see where that exchange, and others, takes your thinking!

The trailer was put together for a Chinese audience, where Star Wars isn’t quite as well known or popular as it is in most western countries.  A few sites who have reported on this particular trailer have suggested that that is the reason why the Chinese and most foreign market previews are lengthier and reveal more plot than American and Australian trailers.

To view The Force Awakens preview for China, click here.

Holonet Graphic


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